About Us


Curt Clemenson is from the USA and moved to Costa Rica in 1998 where he is now a citizen.  After his military service he earned degrees in Economics and Spanish as well as an MBA.  Curt has created a number of companies over the years including Earth Foundation.  EF grew to a network of 10,000 schools and raised over $13 million for The Nature Conservancy’s adopt-an-acre program, protecting millions of acres of rainforest throughout Central and South America.   He also started the Texas Rainforest Action Group and successfully negotiated to change the way that American Oil companies extracted oil from rainforests.


Francisco “Paco” Rodriguez is a native of San Isidro de Penas Blancas where he has served as town mayor and deacon of the local church.    Along with Curt he too has developed businesses including a cutting edge aquaponics facility that produces tilapia as well as growing vegetables on the waste water stream, a sustainable timber operation, and several urban developments.  He also was the contractor for the multimillion dollar Soltis Center for Research and Education donated by Bill and Wanda Soltis to Texas A&M.